The INDIEPENDENCE site is kitted out with all the services and facilities that you would expect at any well organised festival.



So you arrived at INDIEPENDENCE with 1% battery. Fear not, phone charging will be onsite.



Hey. Who doesn’t like a shower from time to time? Check out our brand spanking new shower units at the campsite this year. If you only get one shower this year, do it at INDIEPENDENCE. Ok so you’ve showered, what next? Well society would have you believe you need to brush your teeth and towel off. Fortunately for you, we agree.




If you’re in the campsite and breakfast is your thing then why not rock up to the Campsite Breakfast area for a bite to eat and a quick reminisce about what you got up to the night before. Don’t worry. Everyone else is in the same boat. We’re not judging you. Honest.




So you were at INDIEPENDENCE ’07? Who cares? You don’t have the t-shirt to prove it. We’ve got some really natty designs going on in the merch tent so make sure to check out the offers available in the Main Arena. Who knows? You might be one of the lucky few who walks away with a free tee.




If you require medical treatment over the weekend, there are two full medical facilities on site as well as numerous mobile crews. The Medical Posts are located in the Main Arena adjacent to the main stage tent and in Campsite A in the lower corner below the shower block. There will be additional welfare facilities at INDIE23, details on these will follow shortly.




If you need to talk to security at any point over the weekend, their office is located just off the crosswalk between the two Arenas. They will also be able to contact a member of the Gardai should this be required.




If you wish to highlight a disability you might have or have any queries about access onsite, please see our Contact section and drop us a line.