We are delighted to be coming back to Deer Farm on July 31st, August 1st and 2nd, 2020 for what will be the 15th instalment of INDIE. As with every other year we are doing our best to improve the event and make it even more enjoyable for all of the attendees. There are some other changes also for 2020 so before you purchase your ticket, please check out the below information.


Due to phenomenal demand we have decided to release a very limited number of VIP INDIE Garden tickets for INDIE20. To ensure adequate space and access to facilities in the VIP campsite, the number of tickets available has been greatly reduced on last year. We have not increased the price but due to the very limited number, there is no early bird option available. We are also holding back some for the instalment option which will be up and running in a few weeks time.

We tried to make this offering the best we’d ever done in 2019 but we did have some issues, some were outside of our control and some we have to hold our hand up and say we didn’t get it right. One of the main issues we had though was with space. We have a fixed amount of space available and even though we sold less VIP tickets than the year before in a bigger field, we ran out of space. When you don’t know the size of the tents that are coming it’s hard to gauge the space you need. The VIP option is also available to you via Pitched Perfect and FestiHuts. If you book a place to stay with these guys you will have access to all of the facilities in their campsite and access to the INDIE Garden Bar in the main arena. You get to rock up and your home for the weekend will be waiting for you. You need a standard weekend ticket and a booking with one of these guys to access the facilities.


INDIE20 is an over 18s event, the age verification checks in association with An Garda Sioch├ína will again intensify in 2020 so if you are not going to be 18 by July 31st, 2020 don’t buy a ticket. In addition to this and with great regret we have to inform you that we are not offering a family camping option or access for under 12s in 2020. We have tried over the years to accommodate everyone and allow families to attend INDIE. Unfortunately in 2019 we had a number of parents attempt to sign in teenagers as under 12s and leave them unaccompanied, we also had younger children unaccompanied who had to be looked after by the festival before being reunited with their parents. It is up to the parents to accompany and look after their children if they attend an event such as INDIE, unfortunately in 2019 we had too many instances where this wasn’t the case. It’s very disappointing to say it but it really is a case where the minority have ruined it for the majority. We just can’t allow it to happen and the only way we can see to prevent it is to strictly enforce an over 18s policy for all. If you were planning on bringing an under 12 to INDIE20, we regret to inform you that this is no longer allowed.