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We have a number of camping options available whether you plan on lording it in your Campervan or putting those scouts skills to use in the General campsite. Families have the option of retiring to the peaceful serenity of the Family camping area….where their kids reach decibel levels unheard of anywhere else in the site. If a family wishes to stay in the family campsite, please request a family wristband at the ticket office. You do not need specialised tickets but you will however need a family. See the Tickets section for further details.

You can of course get yourself a hotel, self catering, B&B or your mates floor anywhere locally. If there’s a better list of local accommodation than Ballyhoura have put together, then we haven’t found it. Click HERE for more details. Be warned though, there is very little accommodation available around Mitchelstown and it fills up fast!

Festi Huts are for you if you fancy camping in style, in an area with it’s own shower and toilet facilities, and have it all ready and waiting for you on arrival, like our Campervan tickets everyone in a Festi Hut for the weekend needs a 3 day camping ticket.

Access to this area of INDIEPENDENCE is subject to the below terms and conditions.

  • CAMPERVANS A caravan with towing vehicle and a trailer tent with towing vehicle will each be classed as an individual vehicle and each will require a ticket for this area.Every occupant of the campervan must also be in the possession of a valid weekend camping ticket to the event?.
  • Specific parking areas for these vehicles are provided and these vehicles can only be parked in these areas.
  • When arriving in the vicinity of the festival, please follow signs for General Parking and enter through this route. You will be directed from there.
  • The campervan ticket will be inspected upon arrival and must be displayed on your vehicle for the duration of the weekend.
  • Instructions will be given by stewards when parking regarding location and positioning, these must be adhered to.
  • These designated areas of the site are the only place where ticket holders can sleep in vehicles – these vehicles will only be allowed if they are recognised habitable vehicles, non-converted vans etc will not be allowed.
  • Trailer Tents are permitted onsite in the designated Campervan/Caravan areas. Should you wish to bring a trailer tent to INDIEPENDENCE you will need to purchase a Campervan/Caravan ticket.
  • Unsuitable vehicles that do meet the criteria of habitable Campervan or Caravan or Trailer Tent will not be allowed access. The decision that your campervan or caravan meets with our criteria is made by the Campervan area manager and their decision is final.
  • No other vehicles will be allowed entry under any circumstances.
  • Caravans must be towed on to the field by a car with a tow bar.
  • All other vehicles with the exception of towing vehicles must be parked in the car parks. Towing vehicles must remain in the same field as caravans, not parked elsewhere.
  • Campervan / Caravan tickets are only valid where all occupants also hold weekend camping tickets.
  • There are no campervan or caravan facilities for day ticket holders.
  • Campervans/ caravans will be parked in rows. No vehicles are to be parked in the fire lanes at any time.
  • No tents, pagodas or other temporary structures are to be erected in this area.
  • There is NO water or electricity hook available; however there will be a water point in the area for general use.
  • All waste-water must be emptied into designated waste tanks.
  • Caravan/Campervan ticket holders must use the toilets provided and must not pollute streams or hedges.
  • No sound systems are to be operated. Anyone found operating such systems may be liable to eviction.
  • Open fires are not permitted. Barbecues must only be used in the dedicated Barbeque areas.
  • All litter must be cleared and put into litter bins or recycling bins.
  • The Caravan/Campervan fields will be patrolled by security staff.
  • Security staff will check for any items not permitted on site, as specified in the terms and conditions on weekend tickets. Security staff will confiscate any such items and may refuse entry to the site. The decision of the security staff will be final.
  • Security may evict those that do not adhere to these conditions or the general site terms and conditions, and may also confiscate their festival weekend tickets and any contraband items.
  • The fields must be clear by 1pm on the Monday. Any remaining vehicles will be removed.
  • Entry to the campervan field is priced at €50. All tickets must be purchased in advance, none will be available at the event. These tickets are available from