The INDIE Rule Book

Indiependence Music Festival

Welcome to INDIE16

By putting on your wristband, you are accepting the following;


1. The site is grass farmland and can be uneven in places, please watch your step, the promoter accepts no responsibility for trips or falls on uneven ground.

2. You will not run on site, collisions and falls caused by running are your responsibility.

3. You will not partake in crowd surfing, moshing, human pyramids or any other danagerous activities.

4. You will not take illegal drugs or substances, if you do, you are responsible for the consequences.

5. You will consume alcohol in moderation and NOT TO EXCESS, be safe and enjoy yourself but don’t be THAT GUY!

6. You will not bring any weapons, knives, glass or other objects deemed potentially harmful on to the festival site.

7. You will not climb any temporary or permanent structures on site, if you do, you do so at your own risk. DON’T!

8. You will obey direction from stewards and security at all times.

9. You agree not to advocate or incite any violence or illegal activity.

10. You may be searched in accordance with the law by members of security or An Garda Siochana.

11. You agree not to use Gazebos, BBQs of any kind, flammable liquids, flares, fireworks or other dangerous materials.

12. You consent to having your names, images or video recordings captured to be reproduced in any medium for editorial, promotional or advertising purposes by INDIEPENDENCE Music Festival, its affiliates or media partners.