Changes To Age Restrictions for INDIE15

When INDIEPENDENCE moved from the square in Mitchelstown to a green field in 2009 we decided to try and accommodate everyone. We knew that lots of local teenagers would want to go so through consultation with the local Garda√≠ we devised a sign-in system whereby responsible adults would be able to sign-in their family members and therefore everyone could enjoy the show. At the time we didn’t think that INDIE would grow to where it is today. Even through that growth we maintained this sign-in system but in the last couple of years, there has been far too many attempts to abuse this system and unfortunately we just can’t let it continue.

In recent years we have had parents (yes, actual parents) of teenagers attempt to sign them in and then leave, groups of 15 and 16 year old’s who would then be unaccompanied on a site where alcohol is sold. Outside of the sale of alcohol, a festival such as INDEPENDENCE is not suitable for an unaccompanied child, which would be the case should parents sign in a teenager and then leave.

We have had parents lie about the ages of their children, we have had older siblings try to sign in their younger brothers ad sisters, the list goes on. Is it a small number, yes, of course it is but the bottom line is that it’s happening and essentially a small minority have ruined it for the majority.

The reason that children 12 and under are still allowed to attend (free of charge) is that they are always accompanied by their parents and it allows families with younger children to still attend INDIEPENDENCE and use the dedicated family camping area. This is standard practice at most events like this around the world.

So, in short, teenagers aged 13 – 17 years of age are unable to attend INDIEPENDENCE and children 12 and under can attend when accompanied by their parent(s).

ID will be required and will be requested upon entry to the site. In date either a Garda Age Card or a Passport will be required. If you are not comfortable bringing your passport with you and we wouldn’t recommend it, we suggest (if you are 21 or under) that you apply for a Garda Age Card in the meantime. If you are unable to produce ID when entering INDIEPENDENCE, you may be refused entry and a refund will not be offered (please don’t try if you are underage!). Also note that there are a lot of forged drivers licenses in circulation, security staff will be paying particular attention to a drivers license produced as proof of age so if you have swopped the picture on one or gotten your hands on your older sister or brothers, be prepared to get caught out.

We didn’t want to make this change but we are in a position where we don’t have a choice.